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I have been seeing Dr. Maryse Pion Robin for over 2 years now and she helped me in so many aspects in my life. Not only is she one of the nicest, genuine people I have ever met but also she is truly the definition of caring. From regular adjustment with chiropractic care to help me with my back pain, posture and my tight hip flexor, she helped me through difficult times when I fractured my knee and had soft tissue damage. We started physiotherapy sessions every week until my knee was fully recovered. I couldn’t believe how quick and fast her techniques work ! truly amazing. I was back on my feet in a short period of time, thanks to Dr. Pion Robin. She took the time and focused on the problem and really put me back on my feet. With her multiple approach,knowledge and education Dr. Maryse Pion Robin can adapt to everyone’s needs and will listen!! I am telling you after seeing her for a visit you feel better not only physically but mentally, she just brings a joy and smiles to me everytime ! Now, my husband sees her on a regular basis, he was very sceptical about the world of “chiro” before he met her. Now every time there is a little something he is not sure we goes straight to Dr. Pion Robin’s office for advice and treatments like physiotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care. She will change your life for the best, she did for me and my husband. I recommend her before anyone else! Just go in and met her you will see ! she is AWESOME 🙂